2015 year in review


Here’s a little bit of what we were up to in 2015. . .

Unique outreach calls responded to: 5,863
Emergency meals and food boxes delivered: 429
Meetings with friends to work toward housing or resources: 1,592
Hospital visits: 164
Friends receiving camping supplies: 484
Bus passes given: 931
People receiving first aid care: 120
Birth certificates ordered: 111
New state IDs acquired: 44
Transport to & advocacy at appointments: 633
Donated furniture pick-ups: 79
New households receiving furniture: 170
People who attended OTN trainings or educational sessions: 2,475
Friends who entered treatment/rehab programs: 29
Overnight Resource shelters 64
Home visits with newly housed friends: 323
Total volunteer hours donated: 5,707

And finally, we moved 95 PEOPLE into permanent housing in 2015! Even amid a bleak and rapidly shrinking affordable/low-income housing market, we still housed more people than any previous year in our history. In this climate, each small victory requires our friends (and us as allies) to fight an uphill battle, every step of the way.

Going into 2016, we are desperate for landlords who accept Section 8 vouchers, who are committed to keeping Nashville affordable, and some who can be flexible with background issues as our friends try to make a fresh start. If you are such a person or have leads, please email lauren@opentablenashville.org to get connected in ending homelessness in our community.

We look around us and can’t help but give thanks for all the people who have fought alongside us –– those who have supported OTN and our friends with their time and money, cried with us on the dark days, and celebrated with us every time the light broke through again. For each of these gifts, big and small, for the beautiful people who teach us about justice and hospitality everyday, and for each person that makes this work possible, We thank you for sharing the journey.