Action Alert: Support the Community Oversight Board!

Please see the email below for an Action Alert from NOAH (Nashville Organized for Action and Hope) and email your council members TODAY:

For a year, NOAH’s Criminal Justice Task Force has been working on a “Community Oversight Board (COB)” for police misconduct.  This is simply “quality control” for the police department.  At the moment, the police monitor themselves.  Restaurants do not monitor themselves — and neither do doctors and dentists.

Throughout 2017, the need for a Community Oversight Board has become clear:

  • In May, the District Attorney’s Office questioned potential bias in the police department’s internal investigations.
  • In June, the U.S. Department of Justicerecommended the creation of a Citizen’s Police Advisory board.
  • In July, the Davidson County Grand Jury called for civilians to handle investigations of officer-involved shootings.

NOAH believes that a Community Oversight Board is needed to monitor police misconduct AND to build trust between the community and the police.

Last Sunday, in front of 1500 NOAH members, Mayor Megan Barry committed to work with us on a Community Oversight Board.  (See news article HERE.)  NOAH, as well as the “Community Oversight Now” coalition, is supporting legislation now before the Metro Council to create a COB. (See the bill HERE.)

Can you send ONE email before Tuesday afternoon to the Metro Council, supporting this legislation?


This has to go through three readings at three Metro Council meetings.  On November 7th, this bill will be on FIRST reading.  We need to get this passed on first reading, so that real discussion of its merits can take place at the council. Without passing first reading, the COB is totally dead!

You can email all of the Metro Council Members at once by emailing

A suggested email is below.  Please use the subject line “Please support Community Oversight Board on First Reading!”  (Some Council Members will not read the email, but just count supporters by the subject line.)  Please include your name and address, so the Council Members who DO read the email will know if you are in their districts or not.

SUBJECT:  Please Support Community Oversight Board on First Reading (Bill 2017-951)

Dear Council Members,

Please support Bill 2017-951 on first reading on November 7.   A Community Oversight Board (COB) has been discussed in Nashville for at least 25 years.  This is simply “quality control” for the police department.  At the moment, the police monitor themselves.  Restaurants do not monitor themselves — and neither do doctors and dentists.

A COB might have prevented the killing of Jocques Clemmons by a police officer — and would be a way to build trust between the community and the police.  The District Attorney, the US Department of Justice, and a Grand Jury have all noted possible bias in police internal investigations and called for citizen review of the police in some way.

On October 29, Mayor Barry committed to work with NOAH (Nashville Organized for Action and Hope) on a Community Oversight Board.  Getting this bill passed on first reading allows the Council and the public to have a real discussion of its merits.

Please pass 2017-951 on first reading!



Action Alert 8.31.17

$6 billion public transit plan for Nashville? Only if it benefits ALL of us! Join the PATHE coalition to make sure public money is used for public good.

Democracy NashvilleHomes for All NashvilleMusic City Riders United, and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1235 have joined together to launch the People’s Alliance for Transit, Housing, and Employment (PATHE).

As Nashvillians, we want to ensure that our communities will actually benefit from nMotion and new transit lines. Before any funding for the nMotion transit plan is approved, the PATHE Coalition is asking that our city officials to provide a detailed plan to meet the community’s needs

Read the rest of the information about PATHE and sign up to support them here!

Action Alert 7.28.17


Oppose the Hate: Pro-Equality & Diversity Protest & Teach In is going down TOMORROW, Saturday July 29th, from 10:30 AM-3:00 PM in Montgomery Bell State Park. This is an action being organized against the New Century Foundation conference, a white supremacist hate group. Join Showing Up for Racial Justice Nashville & other orgs tomorrow and #615RESIST

From the Facebook event:

When hate speech occurs in public spaces, those who are not directly attacked have an obligation to speak up in opposition. We counter their “fake news” of “race realism” with actual, peer-reviewed science. We counter their notions of racial superiority with a stronger, diverse society. Now is the time for Middle Tennessee to make AmRen so uncomfortable that they do not want to come back next year!

Daily Action 7.17.17


Come to our Intermediate Homeless Outreach Training TOMORROW, July 18th from 6:00-8:00pm at Glencliff United Methodist Church. 

If you have been volunteering in outreach efforts for some time and want to build and sharpen your skills in this field, this training is for you. The Intermediate training will cover improving reflective listening skills, how to understand and navigate housing and social service resources, strategies for working with people who experience severe mental health problems and substance use disorders, utilizing the “harm reduction” framework in outreach, and cultivating sustainability in our care. (Coffee and light snacks will be provided. We ask that participants donate $10 for this training to cover materials, but feel free to give what you can or come even if you can’t donate right now!)

*If you plan to come to the Intermediate training but haven’t been to our Beginner training, please watch that training ( before coming. The skills for the Beginner training provide the foundation for the Intermediate training.

Details available on our calendar here:

Daily Action 7.14.17

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Open Table Nashville is doing a Christmas in July fundraising event! That’s right, this month we’re looking to add 85 new MONTHLY donors to help support our work moving forward as we continue to disrupt cycles of poverty, journey with the marginalized, and provide education about issues of homelessness. Will you be our next monthly donor? Every dollar counts! Sign up today at or, if you want to get really fancy, text JULY to 91999 and follow the text prompt! #OTNChristmasinJuly

Daily Action 7.13.17

Looking to get further educated about the varied and multifaceted work that non-profits do in Nashville? Nashville’s Center for NonProfit Management (CNM) has amazing workshops for members and non-members alike! Check out their offerings (and maybe register for a workshop!) today by going to