Thanks For Your Support!

Thanks for your support!

What we do at Open Table Nashville cannot be done without the financial support of the individuals, community and organizational partners who share the vision and work we do. In 2013, we are excited to report that we accomplished the…

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Posted by Lindsey Krinks

Last week, we had four people in the same hospital: a hit and run, a baby born early, and two broken bodies driven to madness by broken minds. I cannot fathom what it would be like to feel my flesh and bones give way to a rush of metal, to give birth to a child without a home, to be haunted by voices no one else hears. I walked the sterile, weaving, windowless hallways feeling heavy, reminding myself I cannot fix people. They said both his legs were broken, that his lungs were not fully formed, that she was severely malnourished, that he would get to keep his feet. Plastic tubes with legal drugs spilled into their veins quieting the voices, numbing the pain. For now, they will all make it, but in their varying states, what do they hunger for? Is it stillness, silence, reprieve, escape? Is it human touch, meaning, answers, grace? When I visited him, he could barely speak. He opened the slits of his eyes long enough to know I was there, that it was me, and reached out for my hand. He took my hand in his, squeezed it, and kissed it. He knew he was not alone, and for the moment, that was enough.

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5,500 Reasons To Be Thankful

5,500 reasons to be thankful


Welcome to Spring! The calendar has turned, the weather has warmed and we have 5,500 reasons to be thankful.

When the temperatures drop below 25 degrees, OTN coordinates Emergency Warming Shelters to accommodate unhoused individuals who can’t or won’t go into traditional shelters.

The numbers are in – and they are AMAZING! This winter, with the help of volunteers like you, OTN:

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How Anderson Cooper Sees Homeless People Now

How Anderson Cooper sees homeless people now

Recently, Anderson Cooper and the crew of 60 Minutes spent some time with our Open Table Nashville community. In the hours he spent with us, learning about the lives that were changed, he, too, was transformed.

When asked about the impact this report had on him, he had this to say:

It really changes your perception of the problem of homelessness and the people who end up being homeless…we all have support networks. We all have family and friends and a job and things that support us when we trip. These are people who have burned through those support networks. And that’s really the only difference.

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