Daily Action 3.13.17

Demanding an Expansion of Sanctuary: Education Meeting

Tonight, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Nashville is hosting Demanding an Expansion of Sanctuary: Education Meeting. In the words of SURJ:

“In the past few weeks, the word ‘sanctuary’ has appeared often in discussions about local and state policies that directly affect immigrants living in our community. In this education meeting, we will discuss models of sanctuary and the role of white folks in offering sanctuary and supporting places of sanctuary. As Mijente points out in their recent report Expanding Sanctuary: What Makes a City a Sanctuary Now, it is imperative that we also address over-policing and mass incarceration of Black folks and other people of color in our conversations around sanctuary. In this meeting, we will envision what it would mean for Nashville to be a safe place for our undocumented neighbors as well as Black folks, queer folks, and other marginalized communities.”

If you are passionate about making sure Nashville is welcoming to immigrants and refugees, you can attend this meeting TONIGHT, which will be held at Dalewood United Methodist Church from 6:30 PM-8:30 PM. RSVP and find more details HERE.