Daily Action 3.7.17

This information was sent out yesterday by Nashville Organized for Action and Hope (NOAH). To learn more about NOAH or join their mailing list so you can receive up-to-the-minute email updates about important issues in Nashville, visit www.noahtn.org.



There is a bill on third and final reading in Metro Council THIS TUESDAY (March 7) that needs the attention of the NOAH Affordable Housing Task Force. Please send ONE EMAIL before Tuesday afternoon!

Council Member Decosta Hastings has a bill, BL2016-308, that would mandate that any Barnes Fund development have a special “tenant conduct clause” in the lease.  You probably remember that the Barnes Fund makes grants to non-profits to build affordable housing, and that the Mayor and Council put $10 million into the fund this year.  You may also remember that our Housing Task Force voted toward the end of 2016 to oppose this bill.  Many of us emailed the Metro Council at that time and the bill was deferred.  It has been brought back for third and final reading on THIS TUESDAY night.

Lawyers tell us that this bill will have very little real LEGAL impact on tenants — other than to stigmatize low-income tenants of developments created through the Barnes Fund.  The bill singles out ONLY Barnes Fund developments — instead of applying to all leases in Nashville.  We believe that Council Member Hastings had good intentions, but his bill has the effect of humiliating low-income tenants, who are the ones who would be living in any Barnes Fund development.

Would you please send a short email to Metro Council at councilmembers@nashville.gov, asking them to DISAPPROVE BL2016-308?  Use the subject line, “Please DISAPPROVE BL2016-308 and avoid STIGMATIZING Barnes Fund tenants.”   The subject line is important, since many Council Members don’t read the body of the email.  In your message, be sure and put your name and address.  Here is one possible message you could use:

Dear Council Members,

Please DISAPPROVE BL2016-308!  This bill would single out tenants that live in any development created by the Barnes Fund and include in their leases a special “tenant conduct clause.”   We believe this bill will have no real LEGAL impact on tenants, but it would stigmatize Barnes Fund developments and low-income tenants, who are already struggling to find housing in the skyrocketing housing market of Nashville.  We believe that Council Member Hastings had good intentions with this bill, but the bill punishes those in desperate situations whom the Barnes Fund is trying to help.

We truly appreciate the Council’s support of the Barnes Fund and its mission of providing much-needed affordable housing for Nashville.



Thanks very much for taking this action!