Daily Action 5.19.17

National Cohousing Conference

Discounts for early registrants and low-income folks!

From the website:

THE 2017 NATIONAL COHOUSING CONFERENCE promises an amazing lineup of offerings, from innovative approaches to developing new and affordable communities, to potent ways to enhance our vibrant communities.

WE WILL COVER cohousing basics as well as hot topics in sustainability and resiliency in both living green through energy efficiency, shared resources, and greener building, to how community sustains us for measurably healthier lifestyles.

The program will offer a tantalizing soup to nuts menu of session choices—something for everyone: those who are living it, those who are developing it, and those who are just dreaming about it. And with all of that there will still be plenty of time for conversations in the hallways, tours, and fun!

Millenium Maxwell House Hotel is located at 2025 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard, Nashville, TN. Visit http://www.cohousing.org/2017 to learn more!