DIY Summer Care Car Kits

By Elizabeth Langgle-Martin, Street Outreach and Resource Coordinator

DIY Summer Care Car Kits:

Often we see folks out in the summer heat, but what can you offer during a quick interaction at a traffic light or outside the library? Here is the perfect DIY kit to keep in your car. Offer it to an unhoused neighbor to show a little sunshine!

Grab a gallon sized Zipbloc bag and fill it with the following: 

1. Wet wipes- It’s hard to stay clean and fresh in high temps! Wet ones will help keep our friends clean and comfy.

2. Bug Spray- Biting bugs transmit illness and leave folks sleeping outdoors uncomfortable.

3. Bottled water or Gatorade- In summer temps, it is important to stay hydrated!

4. $5 McDonald’s card- Allows for an unhoused friend to spend some time in the air conditioning and enjoy a cold drink and a sandwich.

5. Socks- A fresh pair of socks help keep a friend’s feet dry and comfortable in sweaty weather.

6. Sunscreen- While long hours outside can result in painful and dangerous burns, easily portable sunscreen can help keep our friends and their skin healthy, read more at!

Feeling extra fancy? Toss in baby powder, small toiletries, snacks, or an inexpensive pair of sunglasses!

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