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The Tennessean talks about how lack of affordable housing drives homelessness in our city.

RethinkChurch of the United Methodist Church profiles Ingrid and Open Table Nashville.

The Nashville Scene covers the 60 Minutes segment on Nashville’s plan to end homelessness and interviews Ingrid McIntyre about How’s Nashville’s new 100 day housing goal.

Upworthy reposts highlights of the 60 Minutes coverage and the 100,000 Homes Campaign.

The United Methodist Reporter shares a bit more about our OTN story leading up to our 60 Minutes feature.

Anderson Cooper and 60 Minutes spends some time with our friends on the street. This show aired on February 9, 2014. You can view the transcript. here.

Ingrid McIntyre, OTN Executive Director featured in Rethink Church article
Ingrid continues to learn about the human spirit and how it unfolds. “I can’t be who I’m called to be without someone else in the story. It’s so much easier when we’re in it together.”

Open Table Nashville Opens Emergency Shelters
As the temperatures drop, one Nashville non-profit organization is stepping up efforts to make sure homeless people around the city have a place to stay.

Warming Shelters Allow Pets
Some warming shelters are trying to spread the word that pets are welcome in their shelters so people do not brave the single digit temperatures sleeping on the streets.

WSMV Channel 4 Feature
Open Table Houses over 170 in warming shelters

How’s Nashville Registry Week
Nashville was represented by Open Table Nashville [and others working to address chronic homelessness] at a Registry Week Boot Camp organized by the 100,000 Homes Campaign in San Antonio, Texas, in March.

Available Nashville Shelters During Cold Weather
Open Table Nashville listed as warming shelter.

Homeless in Nashville: Survival Tips
A documentary with a low-key, anecdotal approach, for the most part letting the homeless tell their own stories, though two pastors who worked closely with the original residents are also important subjects.