Open Table Nashville Announces The Village at Glencliff

A Special Message from Executive Director and Co-Founder of Open Table Nashville, Rev. Ingrid McIntyre:

Open Table Nashville was conceived by a handful of outreach workers, ministers and volunteers connected with Tent City, Nashville’s largest homeless encampment located on the banks of the Cumberland River.  When the flood of 2010 hit, about 140 people were displaced.  That began the work that started at my dining room table in the 16th District and ultimately in 2011 became Open Table Nashville, an interfaith 501 c 3 non-profit community.

Open Table means a place where everyone is welcome.  And that is what we strive for every day at Open Table Nashville… to find a place of welcome for all people in Nashville.

We focus on education and advocacy.  This past year, we served over 2,000 individuals and families who were chronically homeless and medically vulnerable—600 were moved into permanent affordable housing. 

More than 23,000 people in Nashville experience homelessness every year; about 1,700 are served nightly by traditional shelters and transitional housing facilities.  The remainder cycle from the streets, doubling up with friends or family, in cars or staying in run-down motels.

Over 4,000 people in Nashville experience homelessness; about 1,700 people are served by traditional shelters and housing facilities.  But, nearly 2,500 people are left with no place to lay their heads but the streets.

We must provide dignified bridge housing while Nashville faces a critical housing crisis. Nashville is short 40,000 units of affordable housing—20,000 of those being low income for our most vulnerable friends.

And so, Open Table Nashville, through support from:

announces The Village at Glencliff…

….a development comprised of 22 micro homes to house our city’s most vulnerable residents experiencing homelessness.

The members of Glencliff United Methodist Church recently voted to minister to Nashville’s homeless by partnering with Open Table Nashville to build the Village at Glencliff right here on their land.

Our goal with the Village at Glencliff is to create a loving, hospitable, compassionate, and rehabilitative community for our friends who are transitioning from the streets to move toward permanent supportive housing.

Our Village will provide homes for up to 20 residents who are at highest risk of death if they continue living on the streets.  Phase One will include homes for 10 residents.

More than 87 people experiencing homelessness died on the streets last year.  I hope you agree with me… that is heart-breaking!  Those deaths might have been prevented by just finding a bed, a home, a place to rest. 

We CAN stop these deaths! And the Village at Glencliff will play a major role in reducing that number.

Working together, we can create a community of unrelenting service, justice and hospitality. The Village at Glencliff will be the first in Nashville of what we hope will be many communities that welcome and accept all people.

We ask all Nashvillians to join with Open Table Nashville and hear God’s call to bring human dignity to all people

by feeding the hungry,

clothing the naked,

housing the homeless,

and showing hospitality to the stranger.

Open Table means a place where everyone is welcome.

Download The Village at Glencliff Fact Sheet

Village at Glencliff 3D Walkthrough courtesy of Centric Architecture