Cold Weather Response

Cold Weather Response

During the winter months, outreach workers and volunteers canvass the city at night to do wellness checks and get survival supplies to those in encampments or on the streets who do not fit into traditional shelter programs –– or get left out in the cold because there aren’t nearly enough shelter beds to accommodate the approximately 5,000 who are without housing in Nashville on any given night. Winter outreach is about preventing exposure-related injuries and deaths. We strive to know the people who get left out in the cold, know where they are, and advocate for or create additional shelter space on nights that are dangerously cold. We’re so thankful for faith and community groups who are able to open alternative/overflow space in emergency situations.

For information on the city-wide Cold Weather Response system, visit

How You Can Help: To get information about hosting an emergency shelter space, please email If you are interested in joining a winter canvassing team, fill out a volunteer form and email Haley at

Click HERE to download our 2017-2018 Winter Outreach Resource Guide!