Open Table Nashville’s incredible work in the community happens because of the financial support of individuals, congregations, organizations, and foundations who share the vision and work we do. While monetary donations keep us going, in-kind donations of furniture, hygiene products, clothes, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, socks, towels, sheets, tarps, tents, water, and many other items also help us stay in operation.

If you have any questions about donations or would like to set up a furniture or donation pick up, please fill out this form. Don’t forget to visit our initiatives page to learn more about the work we’re doing across the city!

In 2015, we are excited to report that we accomplished the following:

Outreach calls responded to: 4,357
“Home” & hospital visits: 428
Bus passes: 1,761
People receiving first aid care: 189
Birth certificates ordered: 86
New state IDs: 59
Transport to and advocacy at appointments: 349
Housing/resource meetings with friends: 593
Donated furniture pick-ups: 135
New households receiving furniture: 198
Overnight shelters: 156
People who attended OTN trainings or educational sessions: 1,720
Beds filled through shelters: 4,180
Made possible by 13,115 volunteer hours

And finally –– 91 PEOPLE moved into permanent housing in 2015! There is still so much more to be done, but we rejoice in the community partnerships, support from volunteers and donors, and hard work done by these individuals themselves to make these life changes possible. We are so thankful for YOU, and thankful to be on this journey together.

If you’re read to join us in this amazing work, please consider making a financial contribution today.