Seasonal Initiatives and Advocacy

New opportunities to get involved with Open Table Nashville seasonally arise all the time! Emergency warming shelters during the winter, marches and actions downtown all year round, and our Micro Homes Village project all require extra hands from time to time.

Homeless Outreach

OTN is committed to relational outreach which involves journeying with un-housed and precariously housed individuals and families, being a consistent presence in the homeless community, advocating with the marginalized, and creatively networking available resources. Read more »


OTN believes that in order to disrupt cycles of poverty and homelessness, we must first understand such cycles. Therefore, we facilitate trainings and provide resources and curriculum to help groups better understand the complexity of these issues while promoting personal transformation and systemic change in our community. Read more »


To disrupt cycles of poverty and homelessness, we must work to change policies that make things worse. We have identified 4 key areas we think are most important: 1) building a culture that focuses on restoration rather than punishment, and as a part of this, 2) ending the cycles of criminalization that push people further into homelessness. 3) Providing affordable housing both for our friends and for those who, without it, will fall into homelessness. 4) Increasing availability of health care. Read more »

Micro Homes

Check out our upcoming Micro Homes initiative. Read more »

Resource Shelters

OTN is partnering with local congregations to provide bimonthly shelters on the second and fourth Fridays of every month. Resource Shelters provide a consistent space for us to connect with and wrap resources around our unhoused friends and work to rapidly re-house them. We help guests with birth certificates, haircuts, housing applications, foot clinics, and more. Read more »

How’s Nashville

How’s Nashville is a collaborative, city-wide housing campaign spearheaded by the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission where homeless service providers throughout Nashville are working to house our most vulnerable unhoused friends. How’s Nashville is a part of the 100,000 Homes Campaign, a national movement to house 100,000 vulnerable and chronically homeless individuals and families by July 2014. OTN has been a part of the How’s Nashville, leadership team since the campaign’s inception and was an integral part of a successful campaign to house 200 people in 100 days in the summer of 2013. Between June of 2013 and January of 2014, OTN and How’s Nashville partners have permanently house over 360 chronically homeless, medically vulnerable individuals and families. Read more »


Our internship program is designed as a hands-on learning experience that fosters personal growth, leadership, professional skills, and a deeper understanding of how to break cycles of poverty and homelessness. Find out more »

Welcome Home: Furniture + Welcome Home Kits

We love to provide furniture and “Welcome Home Kits” to individuals and families who are moving from the streets into housing. Have some new or gently used items you’re able to spare? Unfortunately, we are unable to pick up furniture donations at this time—but if you are willing and able to deliver to our storage space, please contact Liz at We hope to be back on the road and able to pick up your donations again soon! Get in touch »

Emergency Warming Shelters

During the winter months, OTN partners with faith groups other service providers to coordinate Emergency Warming Shelters at local congregations when the temperatures drop below 25 degrees. These shelters accommodate unhoused individuals who can’t or won’t go into traditional shelters like the Mission or Room in the Inn. Read more »

Realty Partnerships

If you are a realtor and interested in partnering with Open Table Nashville, please click here to Read more »