Open Table Nashville is a non-profit, interfaith community that:

• disrupts cycles of poverty,

• journeys with the marginalized and

• provides education about issues of homelessness.

Open Table Nashville was conceived by a handful of outreach workers, ministers and volunteers connected with Tent City, Nashville’s largest homeless encampment located on the banks of the Cumberland River. When the flood of 2010 hit, about 140 people were displaced. That began the work of what became in 2011—Open Table Nashville—an interfaith 501 c 3 non-profit community.

Open Table means a place where everyone is welcome. And that is what we strive for every day at Open Table Nashville… to find a place of welcome for all people in Nashville.

We focus on education and advocacy. This past year, we served over 2,000 individuals and families who were chronically homeless and medically vulnerable—over 600 have been moved into permanent affordable housing since our inception, with 112 people being moved into permanent housing in 2016 alone.

At Glencliff United Methodist Church, where Open Table Nashville has its office, a natural relationship formed out of a sharing of space, and church members recently saw the opportunity to partner with Open Table Nashville and offer use of a portion of land (which not many urban churches have) as a way to live out their faith. They made the decision to be in ministry with people experiencing homelessness. Providing bridge housing like The Village at Glencliff for our most vulnerable friends is a ministry supported by The United Methodist Church.

The Village at Glencliff is:

• a development comprised of 22 micro homes (with Phase 1 comprised of the first 10 homes)

• located at Glencliff United Methodist Church

• designed for people at highest risk of death if they remain homeless

The goal of the Village at Glencliff is to create a loving, hospitable, compassionate and rehabilitative community for our friends who are transitioning from the streets to move toward permanent supportive housing.