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Open Table Nashville (OTN) is a interfaith homeless outreach nonprofit. Our mission is to disrupt cycles of poverty, journey with the marginalized, and provide education about issues of homelessness.

OTN was conceived by a handful of outreach workers, ministers and volunteers connected with Tent City, Nashville’s largest homeless encampment located on the banks of the Cumberland River. When the flood of 2010 hit, approximately 140 people who called Tent City home were displaced. In response, OTN was formed and was incorporated as an interfaith 501(c)(3) nonprofit. (You can read more about our story here.)

The name “Open Table” means a place where everyone is welcome, where our friends who experience homelessness are offered a place at the table as equals rather than receiving what’s left of discarded crumbs. Every day, we strive to make our community more hospitable and welcoming.

While we have helped over 600 people move from the streets to permanent housing since our inception, we have also held dozens of funerals for our friends who died on the streets while they were waiting to access permanent housing. Many of our friends have medical conditions that cause them to be more vulnerable, and a combination of their medical histories, the harsh living conditions on the streets, and the long wait for affordable housing has proven deadly. Since 2010, our team has been dreaming of a place like The Village that would allow our most medically vulnerable people to have a place they can be supported and safe while they wait for permanent housing. 

When OTN moved into office space at Glencliff United Methodist Church, a natural relationship formed formed from sharing that space. Church members felt the urgency to create better options for people who are medically vulnerable and experiencing homelessness, and they saw the opportunity to partner with Open Table Nashville in an innovative way. The church offered to use of a portion of land as a way to live out their faith. They made the decision to be in ministry with people experiencing homelessness by providing “bridge housing” in the  form of The Village at Glencliff. This ministry is supported by The United Methodist Church.

For more information about the bridge housing model, the Program Overview, and eligibility criteria for The Village at Glencliff, please visit here.

The Village at Glencliff will be located on the grounds of Glencliff United Methodist Church and will consist of 22 micro homes. Each will be built on a foundation and will include a kitchen and bathroom. One of the units will be utilized as an office and clinic, while another will provide laundry facilities. The remaining 20 homes will be comprised of 16 single-occupancy (200 square feet) and 4 double-occupancy (400 square feet) units, complete with wheelchair accessible floor plans, for a total capacity to serve 24 individuals.

Our Partners on The Village at Glencliff


Farmer and Morgan – Randy Morgan – Planning & Design



Wamble and Associates – Surveyors


Centric Architecture – Justin Lowe


The Cal Turner Family Foundation

The Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church

Glencliff United Methodist Church

And many other benevolent individuals, community groups, and faith communities.  

Home Donors:

Jack and Mandy Miller

Alan and Gaye Flener

The Marlow Family

Abraham and Leigh McIntyre

Ben and LeighAnne Baker

Bob Freeman

The Grigg Family Foundation

The Hawkins Family

A Middle Tennessee Family

Saint Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church

Providence United Methodist Church

The Village United Methodist Church

Brentwood United Methodist Church

The Cal Turner Family Foundation

Nashville Indian Association & Hindu Cultural Center of Tennessee

Rotary Club of Nashville

The Golden Cross Foundation

Christ United Methodist Church

Other Donors: 

The Mary Wester Family Foundation

The Aberdeen Foundation

West End United Methodist Church

Belmont United Methodist Church

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