Show a little love with your time


At Open Table Nashville, we love our volunteers and couldn’t do the work we’re doing in the community without them. In 2013, we had over 12,557 volunteer hours (that’s over 300 work weeks)! Several of our volunteer opportunities are listed below, but you can also email Anne, our volunteer coordinator, to find the best ways to use your gifts and strengths to further this work.

Volunteer Groups Volunteer groups for Open Table can serve in many capacities: cleaning encampments, organizing donations, helping residents move in or out of housing, providing childcare, and putting together food boxes and Welcome Home Kits are just a few possible projects for volunteers. If your group is interested in volunteering, please fill out our group volunteer and education form.

Resource Shelters and Emergency Warming Shelters Throughout the year, Open Table Nashville partners with local churches to host temporary shelters. Resource Shelters provide space for us to wrap resources around people and rapidly re-house them. We help guests with birth certificates, hair cuts, housing applications, foot clinics, and more. During the coldest winter nights, when the temperature drops below 25 degrees, we open Emergency Warming Shelters at multiple churches around the city.  Volunteers help to set up beds, serve dinner, provide for basic medical needs, stay as innkeepers, and help with clean up. If you want to help out at one of the shelters or can provide supplies, contact Lauren at

Volunteer Trainings We hold volunteer trainings regularly but can also schedule  one-on-one or group trainings. Email Anne for more information.

Internship Opportunities Our interns have formative experiences that shape the ways they live and view the world. Are you interested in joining us? Learn more, here. Volunteer Form Ready to help? Whether its volunteering to help with day-to-day operations and tasks, serving at one of our resource shelters, or something else you have in mind, let us know a little about you by filling out this form. Become a Partner Organization OTN is thankful to have so many wonderful organizations we partner with. Interested in being one of them? Fill out this form.

Donate If you don’t have much time to volunteer, you can still get involved in Open Table Nashville! An excellent way to make a difference is by donating. Monetary donations are wonderful and keep us going and in-kind donations of furniture, hygiene products, clothes, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, socks, towels, sheets, tarps, tents, water, and many other items also help us stay in operation. We strive to offer necessary items to our friends in need as much as possible, so an excellent way to stay involved is to donate these items.

If you have any questions about donations or would like to set up a donation appointment, please fill out this online form. Don’t forget to visit our initiatives page to learn more about the work we’re doing across the city. Transitional Community Housing

903670_640828882610576_1484928276_o From July 2010 to June of 2013, Open Table Nashville operated a community house known as the Hobson House which was formerly the Hobson United Methodist Church parsonage. Hobson House accommodated up to 15 individuals who were in transition from homelessness to permanent housing. Hobson House closed June 15, 2013 because the property was being sold.  All of our residents of the house were matched with permanent housing!  Our Transitional Housing efforts are on sabbatical until we find another location.  If you know of any properties that would be well suited for transitional housing, please contact us with the details.

For more information, contact Ingrid: