2014 Highlights

In case you’ve ever wondered what it is that we actually do at Open Table Nashville, here is a numerical overview of some major victories in 2014:

Outreach calls responded to: 4,357
“Home” & hospital visits: 428
Bus passes: 1,761
People receiving first aid care: 189
Birth certificates ordered: 86
New state IDs: 59
Transport to and advocacy at appointments: 349
Housing/resource meetings with friends: 593
Donated furniture pick-ups: 135
New households receiving furniture: 198
Overnight shelters: 156
People who attended OTN trainings or educational sessions: 1,720
Beds filled through shelters: 4,180
Made possible by 13,115 volunteer hours

And finally –– 91 PEOPLE moved into permanent housing in 2014! (That’s a whopping 47% increase from 2013). There is still so much more to be done, but we rejoice in the community partnerships, support from volunteers and donors, and hard work done by these individuals themselves to make these life changes possible. We are so thankful for YOU, and thankful to be on this journey together.IMG_1220


How’s Nashville Campaign Registry Week (i.e. Let’s hit the…

Dear OTN Family,how's nashville image

The time has come –– Registry Week for the Nashville chapter of the 100,000 Homes Campaign (we’re calling it How’s Nashville) we be conducted May 28 – June 4, and we need your help!

In case you missed the update in our last newsletter, here’s what the 100,000 Homes / How’s Nashville Campaign is all about:

–The 100,000 Homes Campaign is a national effort to house 100,000 individuals who are chronically homeless and extremely vulnerable by July, 2014.

–The How’s Nashville campaign has been and will be driven by incredibly beautiful community collaboration as we work together to bring Housing First to life in our city.This is a model that considers permanent housing as the first form of “treatment” for our most vulnerable friends. People don’t have to be good enough or have their lives together first. They are just given a safe place to live and then surrounded by the services they need to heal and be whole. This way housing is not a reward, but a thing that all people deserve. Yes.

–Nashville is one of 189 cities that have joined the movement. To date, more than 38,000 people have been permanently housed and supported!

Tent-City-ImageWhat is Registry Week?

Registry Week is the official kick-off of the campaign, and we couldn’t be more excited to hit the ground running. During 3 very early morning outings (what a good time for bonding with other members of the OTN family and advocates from around the city!), team leaders and volunteers will survey people who sleep on Nashville’s streets or in campsites in order to determine which folks are among the most medically vulnerable and at risk of dying on the streets if not placed in housing soon. These people will be placed in housing according to the most urgent need.


We Need You!

The campaign leadership team is looking for:
-20 volunteers to serve as team leaders. (Team leaders need to have significant experience with homeless populations.)

-An additional 100 dedicated volunteers who are willing to participate in a volunteer training session and then conduct surveys on three consecutive mornings from 3.30-5:30am. (Volunteers able to survey on all three mornings are preferred, but we will work with you to meet your schedule.)

-After the surveys have been conducted, we’ll need a third group of volunteers to help with data entry.


We are so proud of the work that the Metro Homelessness Commission, area businesses and other service providers from all over Nashville have put into this campaign so far. The energy is catching on, and we’re ready to join in this work with the bold hope that it will change the lives of our friends.

Please sign up HERE to hit the streets with us as a Registry Week volunteer!