To pack a house

How do you pack a house?
How do you take things off walls?
How do you throw away trash
When each piece is a memory?
What is trash?
How do you pack a box?
One by one?
How do you move
When there is no where to go to?
How to pick up a box
With no where to set it down?
How do you leave
With no where to take you?
How do you move out
When there is no room in the inn?
How do you teach a heart to break?



autumnAutumn Dennis is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. Autumn has a degree in Religion from Martin Methodist College and is a student at Vanderbilt Divinity School. Autumn is a thankful member of Amos House Community, a Catholic Worker house church through which Autumn was ordained as a minister and deacon on October 18, 2015. Autumn lives in the Nashville Greenlands Community, which is also affiliated with the Catholic Worker Movement. Autumn is engaged in ministry with the children of God who live lives on streets and in prisons. In Autumn’s spare time, Autumn skates as Sinister Minister for the Nashville Rollergirls. Autumn is currently serving as an intern Open Table Nashville.