Volunteering with Open Table Nashville


“It is a privilege to be a part of Open Table. I have gained so much in serving with OTN staff and the other volunteers. They all create such an amazing environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their stories—and that, to me, is priceless.” – Resource Shelter Volunteer

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There are two main ways to get involved with Open Table Nashville:

Resource Shelter Volunteering

Resource Shelter Volunteering

Resource Shelters allow for a consistent place to connect our un-housed friends with needed services and resources.

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Group Volunteering And Education Opportunities

Group Volunteering and Education Opportunities

In order to break cycles of poverty and homelessness, we must first understand these cycles.

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We list all of our volunteer opportunities and educational trainings on our calendar below. For more information, click on a specific opportunity in the calendar.

If you have problems or questions, email volunteer@opentablenashville.org.



CLICK HERE for our group volunteering, education or speaking engagement form.

CLICK HERE for our individual volunteering form.