Volunteer Spotlight: Robb

How did you get involved with Open Table Nashville?

While attending an employee-appreciation fund drive a couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to meet OTN’s staff and learn about OTN’s overall mission – both leaving an impressive mark on me!​

What types of things have you participated in?​

Bi-monthly volunteering at the south side Resource Shelter focused on guest overnight preparation, fellowship, praying with guests when requested.​

You are a regular volunteer – why do you choose to spend your volunteer time with OTN?​

OTN’s ​mission represents a clear, simple, direct and effectively-managed hand-to-mouth strategy toward assisting and comforting the poor.

Has your involvement changed the way you perceive your unhoused neighbors?​
Not really as I was a weekly volunteer instructor at Room in the Inn for several ​years. OTN has however deepened my passion for working with the marginalized while heightening my compassion for them.

What advice would you give to new volunteers or people thinking about getting involved?​
Just jump in, do your best and know that every kind act delivered toward the underserved does not go unnoticed by them nor our Lord!