Volunteers needed

OTN is teaming up with local congregations to provide bi-monthly Resource Shelters on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. Resource Shelters allow for a consistent place to connect our un-housed friends with needed services and resources like birth certificates, housing applications, foot clinics, first aid, and haircuts. Guests also receive good food, hot showers, fresh clothes, and a safe space to relax and connect with volunteers. Volunteers help set up beds, serve dinner, cut hair, offer foot care, provide for basic medical needs, stay as innkeepers, and help with clean up. We are currently partnering with Barth Vernon UMC and Hillcrest UMC to provide these Resource Shelters that allow us time and space to rapidly re-house chronically homeless and medically vulnerable individuals and couples who are desperately need in housing.

If you want to volunteer at one of the shelters or can provide supplies, please contact Regina Rigney at regina[at]opentablenashville.org.