Resource Line

Because we spend so much time in the field and seek to focus our attention to those who fall through the cracks of other services, we aren’t often able to take many referrals for housing navigation from other agencies. However, we are always happy to brainstorm about options and resources.

The Open Table Nashville Resource Line serves as a way to connect community members with general outreach and resource information. We help people plan their next steps toward housing stability and other support. 

Specifically, the Resource Line is used for the following: 

  • Connecting people to direct financial assistance 
  • Connecting community members who wish to give donations 
  • Providing people with referrals to partner agencies
  • Directing people’s questions to the appropriate Open Table Nashville staff members

Instructions on How to Use the Resource Line

The best way to get a response from our Resource Coordinator is by emailing Due to the high volume of calls we receive, the info line phone number: (615) 415-0141, provides different options via voicemail. We can receive text messages at this number but the best way to contact us is by email. We will return messages during normal working hours.

If you need direct financial assistance, we are only able to offer such assistance to the following groups:

  • People experiencing homelessness who need funds to access housing
  • People who are at risk of losing their housing and don’t have to resources to pay those debts
  • People who need our help in compiling resources to keep their housing.

If you need supplies, we may offer this sort of material aid as time and supplies allow. If you need a referral, we are always happy to brainstorm about options and resources with people. We can assist with rent, utilities, deposits, and move-in costs on a limited basis, as funds allow.