Open Table Nashville prints an annual, “Where to Turn in Nashville” resource guide for anyone looking for help in Middle Tennessee. Order copies of the guide to pass out to people in your organization or visit the online version of the guide. 

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Online Resources

  • TN Tennessee Landlord Tenant Law, clear and concise information on Tennessee landlord tenant law.
  • COVID-19 and Homelessness in Nashville, resources on COVID19 for people experiencing homelessness, including specific information about individual service providers.
  • Navigating COVID-19, this website lists organizations who have recieved grant money to help with direct financial assistant for Rent/mortgage assistance, Utility payment assistance and Food assistance.
  • Nashville Homeless Mortality Surveillance, an online form where you can submit information about any individuals who were experiencing homelessness when they died or who had a known history of homelessness and died in Nashville, TN.