At this time, Open Table Nashville does not have a person on staff solely dedicated to volunteer coordination. That task is often collaboratively shared based on the volunteer opportunity and staff capacity. Two of our recurring volunteer opportunities take place seasonally which you can read about below. Other volunteer opportunities include: assisting with move-ins, encampment clean-ups, and organizing/sorting donations at our office. 

Another way to be involved in our work is to host a supply drive. This can be done through your place of business, faith community, neighborhood, university group, etc. We distribute supplies to our friends on the streets regularly and rely heavily on in-kind donations to ensure our friends living outdoors have the supplies they need. For more information on hosting a supply drive, email donate@opentablenashville.org.

**Per OTN’s Volunteer Policy, All direct service volunteers (those volunteering in a capacity where they are directly interacting with our unhoused friends) must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.



Beginning in May through September we host a weekly Foot Clinic at Trinity Community Commons. This takes place on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:30 pm. There is also a community dinner at 4:30pm at the Commons for anyone who would like to join! We use volunteers every week to provide foot care and basic first aid. This looks like washing feet, clipping toenails, cleaning wounds, sanitizing supplies, and engaging in conversation with those receiving foot care. No medical background is required. Our Foot Clinic provides rest, compassion, and much-needed care to people’s feet. Sign up here to volunteer!


When temperatures reach 32 degrees or lower, Metro opens a Cold Weather Shelter. When the shelter opens, we activate a team of winter canvassers (6-8 people) to the downtown area. Cold weather poses particularly dangerous threats to those experiencing homelessness and we want to do what we can to make sure folks can access shelter sites. Volunteering to canvass involves: informing folks of their shelter options for the night, distributing cold weather supplies, providing transportation as needed, and doing wellness checks. This effort is led by OTN staff and volunteers. Our canvassing team covers the downtown area from 7-10 pm. Typically the winter season lasts from November through March but of course, we are at the mercy of the weather!

Follow us on social media as we post volunteer and sign-up opportunities there! To inquire about a specific volunteer opportunity email volunteer@opentablenashville.org.